COMPLEX (HK) LIMITED was established in 2008 with its core business centering on selling thermoplastic elastomer and various engineering plastics. It upholds the principles of food packaging safety, environmental protection and energy saving, thus it attempts to apply environment-friendly plastics into all aspects of life, including consumer goods,health care, packaging, electric wires and cables, manufacturing industries and the transportation industry, so as to achieve the goals of diversified operations and lay the foundation for sustainable development.

Owing to the promotion of technology and product quality and the rise in awareness on food packaging safety and environment protection in the plastic industry, the demands for various types of high performance material increased. We provide our clients with integrated services covering professional technology consulting, mode development material selecting, as well as customized formula development, injection molding and third-party certification of conformance to national laws and regulations.As the authorized agent of American Company, Polyone GLS TPEs, the company notonly develops its sales service and technology support, but has also been establishing branch offices and agencies nationwide such as in Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai,Kunshan and Taiwan since 2010 to provide local and immediate services to clients based in Hong Kong, China Mainland and Taiwan.

Whether it be in Asia, Europe or North America, we will always provide you with materials and technology development and support. Please contact us to allow COMPLEX to serve you.